The family on Cedar Lane Farm

The family on Cedar Lane Farm
These are the people I love! That's my sweet mama in the middle. I wonder what she's thinking.

Monday, November 7, 2011

No-Shave November

It's that time of year.  John is preparing for his two-week-long deer camp with his closest friends.  Each year, they all get together (weeks ahead of season) to sight in their deer rifles and have "discussions".  Then, they cut firewood, pack the campers, load the food, buy the beer, stockpile the ammo............and they stop shaving.  They talk about things they don't talk about all year long, until this time of planning, generators, deer sausage, and......they stop shaving.

Well, you know what?  He leaves on Thursday.  And, for the next two exhilarating, wonderful weeks, I'm not going to shave either. 

The guys think we wives are miserably lonely while they're out there sitting around a campfire, drinking with other stinky men.  (Did I mention that NOT bathing while at deer camp is considered camouflage?   Deer aren't stupid, they can smell stench. 

Well, we wives are really on vacation during this blessed time of year.  I, for one, plan to sleep in the middle of the bed, with the dog.  And, the fan will be in the OFF position.    :)

I also plan to throw a few things away while cleaning up in a certain person's area.  This happens on a yearly basis during No-Shave November. 

I think I'll keep the house a nice, comfortable temperature.  And, I'll put the sauce ON the the same pot, if I so choose.

I'm gonna have Cream of Wheat and toast for supper.  Maybe every night. 

So, after making him promise to call home every night to check up on me, I'll happily answer the phone ( at the agreed upon time) and tell him how much I miss him.  I'll tell him how quiet it is at home, ask him if he's having fun.  He'll tell me who killed  a deer today, who's was the biggest, and what he's having for supper.

Then, we'll give our kisses goodnight over the phone, say our "I love you's" and hang up. 

Days of our Lives on the DVR.............priceless.

"No-Shave November" is really "Dear" Season..............get it?   *wink wink*


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