The family on Cedar Lane Farm

The family on Cedar Lane Farm
These are the people I love! That's my sweet mama in the middle. I wonder what she's thinking.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's happening.  Right before my eyes.  My children are growing up and moving on to adulthood.  It's exciting and sad (for me) all at the same time.  Becky will be moving into her own place, in a little town about 30 minutes away from us.  And next month, she will begin her career as a high school English teacher.  The kids that she will have in her classroom don't know it yet, but they are going to love their new teacher. 

So, early on Saturday morning, Becky and her daddy will be traveling to purchase some gently used livingroom furniture that she found on eBay.  Then, they will deliver it and set it up in the new place.  I will do my best to let her put things where she wants them. :)   This is a big step and an exciting time for her, so I want her to enjoy this!

I'll try not to cry.  But, no promises.


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  1. It's not easy when your kids leave the nest. Both of my girls are out, but I still have my son with me. I moved to So. Cal. to be closer to all the kids, and it was the best move I made. Your girl is not far at all - you'll probably see her all the time. I hope the move goes well for everyone.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley