The family on Cedar Lane Farm

The family on Cedar Lane Farm
These are the people I love! That's my sweet mama in the middle. I wonder what she's thinking.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The beginning of July through mid August is prime peach season here in Central Missouri.  In recent years, I've driven nearly 2 hours to pick my own peaches right from the orchard.  Now, we have a couple of older gentlemen in our community who do the driving and bring them right to Main Street!  So, I buy from them and save my gas money!  They're not as big as "my" orchard peaches were, but they're just as delicious.

This is a great start to my canned peaches.  When this photo was taken, they were one day away from being ripe enough to slice and can.  I got 12 pints out of these, and I'd like to have twice as many more!  We eat these peaches all year long.  They are so delicious right from the can at dinner, in a fruit salad or in a fresh breakfast quick bread.  Best of all, I know what is in that can when I pop open the lid.  That's why canning your own food is so satisfying. 

This is just the beginning of this year's canning season.  My green beans are days away, my tomato plants are full of green tomatoes and the corn is close to tassle.  With my "luck", it'll all come ripe and ready the same week!  But, that's's all going to taste so good this winter and beyond. 

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  1. Those peaches are gorgeous! Peach pie is a favorite of mine. I used to love it when my dad came in from his garden with home grown tomatoes. Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley